Math Program

Preschool, summer camp, and tutoring center in NYC

Basic Math Skills: Eye Level Math (Asia's # 1 supplemental program for Math) follows the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics guidelines and N.Y.S. guidelines for basic Mathematic fundamentals & is focused on assuring that students master these skills before going to the next level

Critical Thinking Skills: Eye Level Math has a critical thinking module implemented into the program that is unmatched by any math program in New York

Ages: 3.5 thru 12 years of age

Student:Instructor Ratio: 3:1

How often? Students come 1x or 2x per week for 60 minutes per visit & are encouraged (not required) to take home materials and do 15 minutes a day from home when they are not in the center

Our Math program:

  • Develops analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Promotes mathematical thinking
  • Ensures mastery of basic arithmetic operations
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Develops power of concentration
  • Improves study habits
  • Engages students in a learning system that fosters self-directed learning

How do we get started? Call us to set up a Placement Evaluation. We will spend approximately 30 minutes determining your child's relative strengths & weaknesses and customize a program tailored to correct deficiencies, strengthen the underlying fundamental building blocks and teach your child to master Math.

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How does our Math and English program support your child with respect to the new Common Core standards? Click here to find out.

Customer Testimonial:


"My son loves his math sessions and particularly the critical thinking math booklets. His math skills are now above grade level which gives him a great deal of confidence. He enjoys seeing the same kids during his session and is kept motivated by earning stickers and rewards. I like that this is fun for him and not an isolating experience as I have seen at other places."

Mom of Neel, age 9, math program

The Eye Level Learning Experience

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