English Program

Preschool, summer camp, and tutoring center in NYC

The goal of our English program is to guide students to master reading, writing and comprehension. Our numerous themes and diverse strategies motivate students, nurture study habits, and develop language capabilities, which are the basis of lifetime learning.

Ages: 3.5 thru 12 years of age

Student: Instructor Ratio: 3:1

How often? Students come 1x or 2x per week for 60 minutes per visit & are encouraged (not required) to take home materials and do 15 minutes a day from home when they are not in the center

Through our English program:

  • Students will learn Reading, Writing & Comprehension with fun and ease
  • Students will integrate a wide range of vocabulary including both meaning & usage.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for and joy of reading.
  • Students will gain self-confidence in studying English Language arts.

How do we get started? Call us to set up a Placement Evaluation. We will spend approximately 30 minutes determining your child's relative strengths & weaknesses and customize a program tailored to correct deficiencies, strengthen the underlying fundamental building blocks and teach your child to master Reading.

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How does our Math and English program support your child with respect to the new Common Core standards? Click here to find out.

Customer Testimonial:


"Nick really enjoys the English program and I can see a huge leap in his ability to read. He is excited to go to class and has fun! The facilities are great and the teacher student ratio is very low 3:1."

Mom of Nicolas, age 5, English program

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